NPDES Permit Compliance Quick Links

NPDES Permit Compliance 
Permit Renewals  |  Sampling Plans  |  Biosolids Tracking and Reporting | Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans  |  Site Specific Limits

NPDES Permit Compliance 

Permit Renewals 

KimHEC can assist or provide review of permit applications. We can also work with the State’s permit writer to ensure permit limit development is based on appropriate data. KimHEC works to ensure non-detect limits are appropriate based on Water Quality Criteria and based on the operation of your facility. 

Sampling Plans 

Sampling plans for communities with or without a pretreatment program. Communication with contract labs on required reporting limits. Incorporates/takes advantage of sampling already required in the permit (e.g., expanded effluent tests and annual biosolids tests). 

Biosolids Tracking and Reporting 

KimHEC can customize your biosolids tracking capabilities to provide a summary of the tons of biosolids applied to each land application site and can also provide a report summarizing the nutrients applied to ensure agronomic loading rates of nutrients are not being exceeded and to provide an additional level of service to the landowners which accept the biosolids. 

Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans 

KimHEC can assist in the development, training, and implementation of stormwater pollution prevention plans. We perform site evaluations, identify potential pollutant sources, recommend steps to take in the long-term and short-term to reduce the pollutant sources, develop the forms needed to document compliance with the program, and offers training to the community’s staff that will be performing the inspections. KimHEC can generate state reports for compliance and can assist in federal reporting requirements. 

Site Specific Limits 

KimHEC provides comprehensive services to develop site specific limits for copper and other metals when it’s determined that a pollutant effluent limit is not attainable and that the current discharge concentrations do not demonstrate compliance with the default criteria. We can assist in Water Effect Ratio evaluations, Biotic Ligand Model studies, translator studies, and other customized assistance based on your community’s needs.