Kim Cole’s background, education and experience was able to fill a void for us in terms of industrial pretreatment. She has been instrumental not only in developing our ordinances but also supporting our industries as they come into compliance with our regulations. I am proud to say Kim is a trusted ally and valuable partner of our team and will be for many years to come.

Perryville was one of Kim’s first clients and she is a trusted advisor and part of our Public Works team. She has helped us navigate some challenging situations and I would highly recommend her to anyone asking for industrial pretreatment assistance.   

Kim has a great attention to detail and an near-equal ability to communicate with people. She knows what needs to be done and can help lead local industries in that direction.   

Kim has found an engineering niche that was missing in Missouri.  She is quickly becoming the go-to expert for industrial pretreatment and other regulatory issues. She is a trusted advisor and valued part of our Perryville team. Any City that can work with Kim quite simply should. They will not be disappointed.

Brent Buerck, City Administrator 
City of Perryville, Missouri 

Kim has been a huge asset in the success of our Farmington pretreatment program, from assisting in organizing and assembling monthly, quarterly and year to year sampling events on industrial discharges received at our sewer plant. Kim also assists us in technical state and federal reports and definitely is a tremendous part of our team and ensuring our pretreatment program and reporting requirements are met in efficient and effective manner. Could not do it without her! Thanks so much to the KimHEC team and staff for helping Manage the City of Farmington, Missouri pretreatment program and ensuring it runs smoothly and efficient! 

Charlie Reever, Waste Water Process Manager 
City of Farmington, Missouri 

I appreciate Kim’s expansive knowledge and down-to-earth attitude toward digging into a problem. She has always been committed to meeting deadlines and more than proves her worth on each project.  

Russ Worsley, City Administrator 
City of Lamar, Missouri 

We have been working with Kim for over 2-years. Kim is a knowledgeable professional. She has significantly improved and streamlined our pretreatment processes and procedures. Kim is a great fit for our team and at the time, we feel it was more feasible to outsource some of our pretreatment program to Kim rather than hiring staff. We are glad we made that decision. 

Bill Malach, Manager, Water & Environmental Services 
City of St. Peters, Missouri 

Kim has worked very hard to understand the various issues that surround our IPP. She has been thorough and diligent and frequently offered her guidance, which has benefited us greatly. 

Mark Simms, Utilities Director
City of Sioux City, Iowa

Working with KimHEC has been a great experience. Our pretreatment program needed an overhaul to be brought back into compliance, and Kim worked with us almost daily to accomplish this. The best parts of working with Kim have been many. Kim showed concern not only for O’Fallon’s pretreatment program, but also the entire sewer system. I can’t count the number of times she went out of her way to give assistance in areas outside the pretreatment program. Kim spent time educating our staff on a variety of topics to make them better at doing their jobs. Her knowledge and expertise has helped us immensely. We couldn’t be happier. 

Stephen L. Bender, P.E., Director of Public Works 
City of O’Fallon, Missouri 

Working with Kim and KimHEC as a whole has been a great experience.  Past experience has shown that consultants typically pick up jobs that are in some way, failing; otherwise, they would not need a consultant’s expertise. Our pretreatment program was a good example where some of the requirements were being met, but not all (very few). Kim has been patient and kind throughout the process, not only with us as staff but our customer base. The level of service that we are receiving could not be better.   

Marshall Suddarth, Water & Wastewater Plant Superintendent 
City of O’Fallon, Missouri 

I have had nothing but excellent experiences with KimHEC. One of my favorite things is the accessibility of Kim and her staff. They always either answer my call immediately or call me back in a timely manner. Their attentiveness to detail is outstanding. Their ability to collaborate with me and put what I want in the project is very important also. I would highly recommend KimHEC to anyone that is in need of their services.  

Jeremy Meyer, Director of Water/Wastewater Operations 
City of Perryville, Missouri